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The Memra of Yahweh and the Fall of Sodom and Gomorrah

We are going to examine the passage from Genesis 19:24 which speaks about two ''Yahwehs'' and thedestruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. It is critical that we understand there is only ONE true God who is uncreated and this same Eternal God lives outside of time and space. It is very important to realize there are not two Yahwehs, and that God is not a Trinity. The Torah makes it very clear that Yahweh our God is ONE, and not three: " Hear, O Israel Yahweh our God, Yahweh is one'' Deuteronomy 6:4. Jesus of Nazareth who was a Rabbi with Semikhah(authority) quoted the Shema has the greatest Commandment in the Torah: "And one of the scribes came up and heard them disputing with one another, and seeing that he answered them well, asked him, "Which commandment is the most important of all?" Jesus answered, "The most important is, Hear, O Israel: Yahweh our God, Yahweh is one. And you shall love Yahweh your God will all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.'' Mark 12:28-30 In Isaiah 45:5 God speaks through the prophet Isaiah to tell Cyrus king of Persia: " I am Yahweh, and there is no other, besides me there is no God." Isaiah mentions absolutely nothing about a Trinity, and never says God is three presons in one. Now that we have it established that God is one and not three in one; who is this second Yahweh being spoken of in Genesis 19:24? " Then Yahweh rained on Sodom and Gomorrah sulfur and fire form Yahweh out of heaven.'' Does this passage seem confusing to you? When you read this are you seeing two gods being referred to in this verse? To clear up all confusion let's look at this same passage in the Targum of Jonathan which is much older than the Masoretic text: " And the Word of the Lord Himself had made to descend upon the people of Sedom and Amorah showers of favour, that they might work repentance from their wicked works. But when they saw the showers of favour, they said, So, our wicked works are not manifest before Him. He turned (then), and caused to descend upon them bitumen and fire from before the Lord from the heavens." If you noticed it is the ''Word of the  Lord'' which caused sulfur and fire to descend upon the cities of Sodom and Gommarrah from Yahweh out of heaven. Who is the ''Word of the Lord''? Memra of Yahweh Memra is Aramaic for ''Word,'' which in the Greek is ''Logos.'' In order for us to understand the Memra/Logos we need to look into the writings of Philo of Alexandria. According to Philo the Logos has an origin, but as God's thought it also has eternal generation. It exists as such before everything else all of which are secondary products of God's thought and therefore it is called the "first-born.'' Philo says that the Logos is the first-begotten Son   of the Uncreated Father: " For the Father of the universe has caused him to spring up as the eldest son, whom, in another passage, he[Moses] calls the frist-born; and he who is thus born, imitating the ways of his father, has formed such and such species, looking to his archetypal patterns.'' Philo  also said that the Logos is the bond holding together all the parts of the world. And as a part of the human soul it holds the body together and permits its operation. Philo describes the Logos as the revealer of Yahweh symbolized in the scripture by an angel of the Yahweh. The Logos is the first-born and the eldest and chief of the angels. Also the Logos is an intermediary power, a messenger and mediator between God and the world: " And the father who created the universe has given to his archangel and most ancient Logos a pre-eminent gift, to stand on the confines of both, and separate that which had been reacted from the Creator. And this same Logos is continually a suppliant to the immortal God on behalf of the mortal race, which is exposed to affliction and misery; and is also the ambassador, sent by the Ruler of all, to the subject race. And the logos rejoices .... saying ''And I stood in the midst, between the Lord and you'' (Numbers 16:48); neither being uncreated as God, nor yet created as you, but being in the midst between these two extremities, like a hostage, as it were, to both parties." When speaking of the high priest, Philo describes the logos as God's  son,  a  perfect  being procuring  forgiveness  of  sins       and blessings: " For it was indispensable that the man who was consecrated to the Father of the world [the high priest] should have as a paraclete, his son, the being most perfect in all virtue, to procure forgiveness of sins, and a supply of unlimited blessings.'' The logos is a mediator giving hope to men and a high priest unto Yahweh. The Logos is also the Theophany of the unseen God for it is  written: "No one has ever seen God; the only-begotten god, who is at the Father's side, he has made him known.'' John 1:18. Theophany means ''appearance of a god'' refers to the appearance of a deity to a human. Since Yahweh lives outsdie of time and space no one has ever seen Him, but the logos being a bridge between  our world and that dimension where Yahweh dwells is the Theophany of God in our reality. Genesis 19:24 shows Yahweh dwelling in His dimension, and Word of Yahweh in our reality bringing about judgement upon the wicked cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. It is the Logos that destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah. We can see that the Memra/Logos is not necessarily a second god but he is the Theophany of Yahweh or the Angel of Yahweh sent to be a mediator between us and Eternal One. This same Logos was manifested in human flesh according to John 1:14: " So the Logos became flesh and resided among us, and we had a view of his glory, a glory such as belongs to an only-begotten son from a father; and he was full of undeserved kindness and truth.'' I guess I could continue this teaching further, but this should be enough for now. Until next time may the Shalom of Yahweh rest upon you in the name of Yeshua HaMashiach.


Jesus is not "He that is, that was, and that is to come" by Brother John..