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These things do not make Jesus God

To be the first created doesn't make you God... to be used in creation does not mean you are God. To represent God to creation does not make you God. To be the Son of God literally, does not make you God. To be made after Gods kind does not make you God. To come and become a human forever does not make you God... The fear of the unitarian is unfounded the bible is clear this is the path of Christ...The Trinitarian elevates a creation to God....

I find it  interesting  that many unitarians  are fearful  that  if they believe  any of these things that the Bible describes concerning Jesus that they have become Trinitarian somehow. That  could not be farther from the truth.  What they misunderstand  is that it is okay to embrace these truths about Jesus  and not have to elevate him to the point of being God almighty.

I think that this is the fundamental issue Unitarianism is its inability to accept scripture for what it says. And because of this, they have to devise explanations for verses that are clear. And this is where the practice of making up an excuse for who the Logos is and who is the firstborn of creation. When you practice developing excuses and coming up with irrational or sometimes even rational ideas and not accept the spiritual and wondrous abilities of God to answer these possibilities. They unlike the Arians, develop the habit of excusing away anything that is offensive or does not fit into the Unitarian model. We find these amazing and confusing and irrational even very humanistic viewpoints on scripture from the Unitarians. And it is detrimental to the student and to the developer or the teacher of these unbiblical ideas. so it is a fearful thing to accept the Viewpoint of the Unitarian and the manipulation of the word in the Bible that they practice. Because these teachers are essentially the epitome of itching ears teaching. They are exactly who you would expect to not give you the truth. I believe there's a lot of unitarians out there that really really want to understand the truth and it's not like I hate unitarians, but I do hate seeing the manipulation of scripture and the flat-out denial of very clear verses. So naturally when we come away from the doctrine of the Trinity or we find out that it's not biblical and we want to get away from it the first place most people go is to Unitarianism. And that is I think the worst place you can go because of the confusion and the deceit. So to the unitarian, I say there is no big scary reason why not to accept these things. and you can actually hold these views and not be trinitarian take hope take heart and believe the scripture for what it says.

The real Faith is obedience to God by Andrey Davidson