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Col 1:18 Arianism

When Adam was used to create Eve it did not make Adam God over Eve. After the fall he was given the punishment that her husband would rule over her, this would mean that it was not previously so. So then authority over eve had to be given to Adam it was not something that he automatically got because he was the substance by which she came. So if we take the same scenario and Truth and apply it to Jesus and all things being created in him and through him we see that just because Jesus was used doesn't give him authority over us and it does not make him our God. So for Jesus to get all these things after our fall he accepted the mission to reconcile Humanity back to his God because God always knew that we would fall and need a savior and God made the Savior first. And God use the same here to create us all and all things, which naturally gives him a vested interest in US since we were made out of him personally. And as he lays down his life for us God in turn gave him the inheritance of everything that God has created and the authority over these things. Mainly because every father wants to give to his children a great and full inheritance. But because God himself cannot die he gives it to the son after he shows his worthiness of it. The reason why Jesus is called the image of God is because God is invisible and before he made Christ there was nothing that could see him because nothing existed. And then because God knew he was going to create our universe and us he knew that we would not be worthy to look upon him and so the First Act was to create the beginning the first born of all creation which is Jesus and Jesus is made after his father's kind. Which is why it says that Jesus was in the form of God he was God like in nature like his father. the reason he's called the image of God is because since Jesus is Godlike in nature Jesus was to become the image of God to the rest of the universe. The Bible says that no one has ever seen God at any time that it was the only born God who was revealing him. Now this does not mean that Jesus is the almighty creator of all things God but it's saying that he is the only one born after this God like kind. And because he was born of this kind in this kind of nature he can properly be called a God because that's what he is naturally you would call a human that comes from another human a human no controversy there. So Jesus is the image of God because he is the prophet of God he is the preacher of God he is the messenger of God to the universe. And so when mankind has these encounters with God they believe that they're seeing God Almighty but in reality they're seen his messenger who is his son. And since we cannot look upon God lest we die Jesus is the shaliah or the deputized representative of God and can speak for him. Because it's safe to do so and trust him because Jesus never says anything that the father doesn't say and Jesus only does things that he sees the father do another words God is telling him what to say and do and Jesus is faithful a chosen servant and chronologically the first one. so that's why he's called the image of God, not because he's part of some Trinity and is the face of the trinity. John 1:18 NAS. So if we look at the context of the entire passage from 15 to 20 we see that the theme is that Jesus is first in all things. And the way it shows this is because it shows that he's the firstborn of all creation chronologically first, then it shows that he is before all of the creation because all of them were made through him and it goes in detail talking about what things he was before and how all things were made through him or in him. Then it says that he is before them keeping him chronologically first and also reiterates that in him we all hold together. Next it says not only that he's the first one to resurrect. And then it says and verse 18 that God placed him first in all things. This statement is contradicted by the notion that Jesus is not the first thing made. It's inconsistent with the context to say that Jesus is not the first thing made because the entire context according to verse 18 is that Jesus is first and everything that would include first creation. So contextually the entire intent of what's being said is to show in how many different places Jesus is first and that Jesus is first in all things including being the first creation. so God gives him the inheritance God knew what would happen he sees the end from the beginning and it was always the plan that Jesus would inherit all these things because God knows how faithful and worthy he is and will ever be. But the Fatal mistake that's made is ignoring the word creation and the word all things as Rivers O Feden likes to do. The conversation starts at the beginning of the chapter in Colossians where Paul is candidly speaking to the church and then in verse 12 he reminds the church to thank the father for all he's done for them. And then the conversation starts to focus on Christ, how we get forgiveness via Jesus, just because it mentions Redemption and the father doesn't mean that everything after it is only in the context of the new creation nothing before verse 15 leads us to believe that the focus of this conversation is only about the new creation. This is what is being taken out of context the conversation was casually about them the church and then how they should thank the father for bringing them to Salvation through Christ and then the focus goes on Christ. To take the word Redemption and his existence before verse 15 and demanded everything after it being this context of the new creation is not even a good reason for trying to demand that this entire context talks about the new creation. I think the crazier the claim the easier it is for people to believe but in the context there is nothing that demands that the following versus only talks about the new creation. We have to be honest with ourselves just because an argument sounds good and it satisfies your itching ear doesn't mean that it's right. So the rest of the context is about Jesus and like I said before how is the first in many things the first creation the first Resurrected before all these things in him they allĀ  hold together. It's talking about how he's first and how all things were created through him nothing regardless of how much someone wants to scream that this must only be taken as though talking about the new creation is patently false. The word all things repeated at least 5 times the word created and creation Point towards all things that were created. There is no other way to go with this Jesus is who Paul says Jesus is the firstborn of all creation the image of God in him all things that we can see, that Paul could see, that the church he was writing to could see and the invisible things were all made in him and for him eventually.... After being so worthy.....

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