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Arise Shine: Arianism Today

Can you stop and think for a moment of the most desolate place you've ever been. Is it an island? Is it a desert or over the top of a high mountain? And think about what its like there, the challenges of trying to exist in a such a desolate place? Think about the impact of living there for a long time, out in the desert with little water learning how to adapt learning how to exist. It's a tough place to be in. When you find yourself in places like these you realize how fragile life is. That must have been how the prophet Ezekiel felt when he saw a vision of a valley of dry bones. For us as Arians the hope of life and rebirth overrides the reality of the church being so desolate without proper understanding of Arianism because we know that Jesus is Alive inside of us.  

In in chapter 37 of Ezekiel we see that God through the Spirit has sent Ezekiel down to a valley of bones and I believe that was full of bones. I personally picture deep stacks of Bones. Verse 2 we see that God caused him to pass over them around them and he noticed that they were very dry. And I personally picture super white bones just sitting out there bleached by the Sun.

What do you think Ezekiel felt like standing over a whole valley full of Bones? I think it would creep some of us out, and cause us to ask what happened here and who are they. So this is a picture of State of the nation of Israel. This is when Israel was in Exile and needing some much-needed rejuvenation.  How do you think this applies to us as Arians? How can this be describing us? Well first of all Arians haven't been around for a long time. And the Arian church has been desolate for a long time. So this is a picture of the Arian Church and it's state of being. The picture is also of the church around us and the spiritual dryness that they have because of the lack of understanding of who God and Jesus are and are not. We must understand this area that we are standing in is a valley of dry bones. Among all the churches all over the world they are all full of dry bones because they don't understand the truth. And so we need to understand where God is bringing us and the opportunity that God is giving us for the church.

  This Valley is the picture of the church today under the lies of the Trinity. Not only was it filled with bones but they were dry bones completely devoid of Life of any kind. Even though we might not recognize it God has given us charge to go to the valley and reclaim the dry bones of the church. The Churches that lack Arianism are in other words living in the valley of dry bones; the valley represents there lack of truth and the Holy Spirit. Until we recognize this fact we will not be able to see the great opportunity that God is presenting to us to reach the church with the truth.

The picture we see is that Ezekiel is told to speak a certain word to them. And as Ezekiel speaks to them life the the spirit the Breath of God flows into them and we see them begin to get restored. And I believe when Arians begin to reach out, teach and preach the truth to the church, that Arians are going to be the vessel by which God starts to restore the church to its proper place. But the important things about this is that you must be a willing vessel. You must be willing to hear the spirit of God within you telling you the exact words to say to a trinitarian or Unitarian. You must understand and know who God is and what he wants for the church.

Next lets look at Isaiah chapter 60 verses one through five. This great prophetic word for Arians today says Arise & Shine. That is what you're supposed to do arise as though out of nowhere. And speak the words that God is giving you about the truth of who God is who Christ is. Shine with your Deeds with your love with your compassion win them to Christ. Giving through charity we must reach the world for Christ. Notice that it does mention Darkness and that gross Darkness will be over the people. As you begin to shine as an Arian the darkness, the devil is going to want to stop you. The churches, the pastor's, the Pharisees who do not understand who God is will believe that they're doing God a service by attacking you. But this is part of God's plan for us Arians to undergo. This bright light of your testimony is going to shine so bright that the whole world is going to see the truth. This is our ministry in the valley of dry bones.

Ezekiel Saw the picture of death he knew that the only way the bones could live was if God did something miraculous. No matter how much those bones might have wanted to live there were powerless to change their own condition. And that's the way these hungry starving dry Christians are seeking for the truth seeking for the right understanding. But it's going to take a miracle to get them to understand. And so we must understand as Arian Christians all we have to do is speak the truth and God is responsible for doing the work within their hearts. It is the same way with us it is only through God's spirit that the dry bones will live we must work in faith. 

So why is it important that Ezekiel spoke the word of God over the bones why did God not want to do it without using Ezekiel? God has chosen us as instruments of Christ to the world. And it is our responsibility to speak the truth or be guilty of not warning them of what the truth actually was. To whom much is given much is required. We are responsible for this generation and for teaching the truth and speaking the truth and we are accountable to God for that.

But this labor of love preaching the gospel is not a heavy burden. Isaiah chapter 55 verse 11 says God's word will not return void. That means that as long as we're speaking and teaching and preaching the truth there will be a harvest regardless of whether we see it or not it's going to happen. So all we have to do is teach the truth to as many people as we can and that truth is going to reap the Harvest for God and Christ. 

Another thing that can help us in our ministry and give us confidence is in John chapter 10 verse 1 through 5 it says that Jesus is the shepherd and his sheep hear his voice and they're not going to follow someone else. So all we have to do is speak and preach the truth the word of God the truth of Christ The Words of Christ and the Sheep that are his will hear his voice and come join us in fellowship with him. Every one of us Arians must be willing to go out and call those sheep in.

Finally we each need to reflect on our spiritual journey. Where are you? Have you truly crossed from being separated from God to being alive in Christ? Has God not giving you back life from the valley of dry bones that you came from? Hasn't God shown you the unique truth of who Christ is and who God is and have you not been blessed by the end understanding? It's now time for you to help others Rise Up from the valley of dry bones that you came from. But what's holding you back? Is there any reason to fear? Is there any reason to disobey? Given all that we know about who God is and the promises that he's given us there's no reason. You will fail only if you don't try. If the message that brings life from death is the message of the Gospel who is one person in your sphere of influence who needs to hear the Arian message? And lastly are there stumbling blocks that are keeping you from preaching and teaching and loving and communicating? How can we pray for you that those stumbling blocks be removed from your life so that you can be free to minister the truth to a dying and already dead world? I believe that you know what God can do through you all you need to do is walk in it.

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