All in Trinity

I would also like to exhort my brothers who  accept the truth of the Bible and reject the Trinity. When you try to teach another THE TRUTH ABOUT THE TRINITY DOCTRINE DO SO in a spirit of meekness because we were equally mistaken. And we are no better than they are, we had made the same mistakes that they had, and we believe by faith like they did and were in error. And we believe that God was gracious enough to forgive us of our error we must be just as gracious to our brothers, and treat them as our own selves when we were in error.

One of the answers that I get from people defending the Trinitarian doctrine is that Jesus was tempted on his human side and not on his God side. And that sounds like a great explanation but the problem with that explanation is that there is no verse confirming that idea. In this verse it does not say Jesus was tempted on his man side for clarification. Surely since this New Testament was being established that would be in need to over emphasize and over explain things to help the new baby Christians understand these hard complex ideas.