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One of the answers that I get from people defending the Trinitarian doctrine is that Jesus was tempted on his human side and not on his God side. And that sounds like a great explanation but the problem with that explanation is that there is no verse confirming that idea. In this verse it does not say Jesus was tempted on his man side for clarification. Surely since this New Testament was being established that would be in need to over emphasize and over explain things to help the new baby Christians understand these hard complex ideas. 

First we must Define what trinitarianism is. Trinitarianism is the believe that God is three persons and yet one God. Arianism on the other hand believes that God almighty is uncreated and has always existed. And Jesus has come into existence having a time of non-existence to then afterward having a time of existence. We also believe that he is the first of all things to have come into existence. Arianism goes on to say that Jesus experience the transformation from being like God his father to being a human. There are many other things about arianism but these are the important points for this verse to be understood.

To be the first created doesn't make you God... to be used in creation does not mean you are God. To represent God to creation does not make you God. To be the Son of God literally, does not make you God. To be made after Gods kind does not make you God. To come and become a human forever does not make you God... The fear of the unitarian is unfounded the bible is clear this is the path of Christ...The Trinitarian elevates a creation to God....