For the lay Christian, it may seem confusing as to why scholars especially Christian scholars would assert that early Israelite theology could possibly be polytheistic. The issue comes from archaeological evidence that points to a situation in which the same terms that are used for the Elohim of the nations around Israel are also used in the Bible for the Elohim of Israel.  For example, the singular Hebrew term for Elohim is โ€œelโ€ it is also the ancient Canaanite word for Elohim.

Upon what rock? Upon Peter? No. Is Yehoshua (Jesus) explaining that, upon the doctrine of the Trinity, he will build his church? No, it is built upon the fact that Yehoshua (Jesus) is the Christ the son of the living GOD no more no less. Did it say Trinity anywhere in there? The foundation that we must hold as Christians is that Yehoshua (Jesus) is the Christ the son of the living GOD, not a