Statement of Faith


The Written Word of God

The Word of God is what cleanses our minds. At the same time it is removing ungodly thoughts, it is
putting in Godly thoughts. The Word of God will continue to guide us in His marvelous light. The
Word of God is the only offensive weapon that God has given us to fight off the devil. We must know
the Word of God and how to use it. The Word of God exposes us to our true selves as God sees us. 
There is no part of man that the Word of God cannot penetrate. Being hearers is not enough we must
be doers of the Word. We must apply the Word of God to our lives. We need to build our foundation
upon the Word of God. The Bible has God’s authority in it , it is divinely inspired, this is why we
believe it. The Word of God stands forever. Never losing its power and authority. The Word of God
never comes back void. God always keeps His promises. The Word is to be heeded. We should never
take the Word of God for granted. God through the Holy Spirit moved upon each writer in such a way
that their words were indeed the very Word of God. The Word of God is our rule of faith and


God the Father


This is his deity, the quality of having life in and from himself. God does not need any help from
you and I. God is simple, perfect and immutable. His nature, goals, plans and ways of action do not
change. He is a God of Love. Holiness always qualifies this love. Because He is the true God, it is
impossible for Him to lie. Elyon = The most High God. There is only one person who is Most High and
it is the Father Alone. This aspect of oneness serves as the basis for prohibiting the worship of
other gods or adding to the Father of All. This affirms that our Unbegotten God is the one and true
God. God is independent of all creation. This is expressing the unchanging, eternal self-existence
of His being. God is not God because of his substance he needs nothing to qualify him to be God. He
is God because of who he is and no one else can be him. This shows us that the Unbegotten God is
over all divine beings. God can not be bribed. God is still living and active and not a God of
lifeless things. Anything that God is the God of is real and alive. God considers the patriarchs
alive at this moment. Because He is the one living and true God, He is the God of our salvation. 
The Unbegotten Father is alone the True God. Jesus is not the True God. There is only one true God
in the bible and
that is the Father alone.

God created all things alone

Out of nothing God made the things that are: Jesus Christ, the universe, the elements, plant life, 
animal life and finally man in the image of God. The creation story teaches us much about God and
us. First of all God is creative. God created all things within “the beginning creation” The Only
begotten Divine Son Yeshua. This is how God the Father can say he “made all things alone” in
Christ. Creation was a free act of God; He did not need to do it. He chose to do so not out of a
need of anything but for his Son. We must understand that although God has entrusted us to keep the
Earth all things are still his. Even though He created everything He is also present within
creation to sustain it.  God is not just the coordinator of natural forces; He is the Lord of
creation, the Almighty God. When all was created it was the work done by the Father through the
Son. God created in Christ all things and the Son brought forth each creation from himself. The
Bible says “let us” make man in our image God is not one God who is 3 persons. But The Only True
God speaking to the True Son. These verses stress the orderliness and symmetry of God’s creative
activity. We serve a God of order today.  All creation came into being at the express
command of God to his Son. God has made their existence secure and established. Because God is an
eternal being He was able to transform his Son into another species and make him a descendant of
David. A divine being with us. Not only did God create all things in heaven and on Earth, but
created his Son after his own kind. To look identical to God but is a created being and not
Unbegotten like the Father. There is no other kind of power over or against God or beyond His

The divinity of Christ

The Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God, was in divine form at the beginning before all things and
has become fully human. He is through whom all things were made. The visible universe with all its
complexity owes its origin to the creative mind and power of God through his Son. Apart from His
Son nothing can exist nor has ever existed. This indicates that culmination of all the promises
given to us is seen in the person of Jesus Christ. Each of these privileges finds its focus in Him. 
God the Father will always get the glory, Christ glorifies the Unbegotten God. The purpose of all
this assurance and certainty is so that we might enjoy knowledge of the true One the Father of all. 
He is infinitely superior in purity, power and perfection. Even though Christ was equal with God in
species and form but not uncreated but created, Christ left that divine form to become human. The
Son is the Word, and he was at the beginning, but is not eternally always existed. Only the Father
has always existed. Jesus is a created divine being who is the true Son of God. All things were
intended to go to Christ. Jesus is not the Majesty on high but sits next to him. Jesus is capable
of committing sin but will never do so. Jesus will obey God. We must respect Christ for his role in
creation. Jesus can forgives sins. Jesus teaches that the Father of All is the Only True GOD
excluding himself. Jesus is saying he is not consubstantial with God. And he cannot receive the
praise due the true God. Jesus is saying that we have the same Father and we have the same God.
That the same way we all share a Father we all share the same one God. He was born of a virgin. The
virgin birth of Christ is undoubtedly the most essential doctrine underling his divinity. “A
divinity with us” . He led a sinless life. This imputation helps us understand Christ’s struggle in
the Garden of Gethsemane with the death payment for the wages of our sin which would be upon Him on
the cross. He performed miracles. He is still performing miracles today. He died on the cross for
our sins. We have been set free from sin. He rose bodily from the dead. We serve a living Lord
today. He sits at the right hand of the Father and the Holy Spirit convicts the world of its sin.


Sinfulness of Man

In spite of our sinful nature, we can look forward to victory over sin. The secret is that we must
stay in harmony with the word of God. Righteousness cannot mix with darkness. The old nature has to
die. Unless we allow the Word of God to change us the old nature will do everything possible to
come up. A sinful nature is attributed to a deceitful and wicked heart. You can rest assured that
the sinful nature will come back to haunt you if you allow it to. We should all desire that the old
man never over power us. Adam unlike Eve was not deceived but sinned deliberately.  Sin is like a
cancer, in that it will eat you up alive. All sin directed against God. There are always
consequences for our sins. Because of the sinful nature that abides in us we too are bent on doing
things our own way. Our goal is to not walk in the flesh but in the Spirit. The Lord did what the
law could not do. In order for God to cleanse us of sin, we must first acknowledge it. We can not
live in denial. We need to repent daily.


Salvation of Man

This is the heart of the Gospel. The source of Love – God. The extent of Love – The world. The
sacrifice of Love – He gave His only begotten Son. The results of Love – Whosoever believeth in Him
shall not perish. Salvation comes through repentance. We must be careful not to confuse repentance
with regret. Repent = turn away from sin Regret = Sorry you were caught. Salvation is found in the
person and work of Jesus Christ. His life, His Ministry, His vicarious death, His resurrection. 
Those who call on the Lord will be saved. Confession with the mouth is evidence of genuine faith in
the heart. Salvation is dependent on the Grace of God. We cannot save ourselves by our own efforts. 
We can not view salvations as once saved always saved. This misconception misleads many people in
our churches today.  Hear the word of God. Be honest with yourself.
Maintain an honest and good heart. This can be hard because our hearts are wicked and deceitful. We
must keep the Word of God in our hearts. This is why we need to meditate on the Word of God and
study it. We must be rooted and grounded in the Truth. If we know our doctrine, we are less likely
to be persuaded by another. Obey the Word of God.

The Sanctification of the Believer

Paul traces mans salvation back to the plan of God’s will. Sanctification and salvation – we can’t
have one without the other. Sanctification contemplates the work of Christ in the believer.
Sanctification is an ongoing process. Sanctification is progressive in the life of the believer. 
means that it is gradually increasing.) All believers have been called to be sanctified. This is
God’s will. The Father set Christ apart for the work of salvation, Christ has never had sin. 
Sanctification of the believer is seen primarily as the work of Christ. Sanctification of the
believer is seen primarily as the work of the Holy Spirit. When we receive Christ. But we must
allow Him to become the Lord of our lives. When we are baptized we have buried our old sinful life
and now live after the Spirit which  helps us live holy lives. When we turn from Satan to God at
the forgiveness of sins we begin the life in the light. (Remember repentance is the key here.) When
we are cleansed by the blood of Jesus we must not disgrace the Son of God by continuing a life of
sin. There is power in the blood of Jesus and great anger if we take the blood for granted. We are
temples of God, we must keep the Temple honourable. We are to remain sanctified unto the Lord. When
grace brings salvation and the Spirit renews us. Even though we are in the world, we are no longer
of the world and our desires are not set on its systems or its values.


In the Baptism of the Holy Spirit

Jesus promised this to all who would believe in Him. It comes by faith. Jesus had to be crucified
so that we could receive this Baptism. This is one of the blessings we are given because of His
death and resurrection. Faith is the key factor here. Judas lacked sanctification and the Spirit he
is an example of unholy living in the presence of God and Christ. Here are four conditions for
receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Thirst = we need to have the burning passion within
Come unto Me = this means a complete surrender of ourselves, to do the will of God. Drinks = this
means the wholehearted reception into ones life of the gifts, the fruits, and operations of the
Holy Spirit. Believes in Him and the Scriptures = to believe in the whole Gospel. We have got to
have faith that this promise is for us. A persistency of faith that will not be denied. The key
here is that we have got to expect it, to get it. The Baptism may come suddenly, while sitting and
not expecting Him to come. It can come through prayer and lying on of the hands. It can come when
an alter call is made. It can come instantly and unexpectedly while listening to a sermon. Your
heart has to be open. An evidence and result of the baptism with the Holy Spirit, is speaking with
other tongues as the Spirit gives utterance. But it does not happen to everyone. And it is not a
requirement it is by faith. This evidence will include praises to God. This can also be accompanied
by an over flowing joy of the Lord.

In the Church and its Mission

The church is a people called to lay the truth at the foundation that Jesus is the Son of God
nothing about a trinity here. If you lay as your foundation a Son who is God Almighty your building
on sifting sand. The Condition – if we do not touch the unclean things.  The Promise – I will
receive you. We are the body of Christ. Jesus is not commiting adultery nor fornication and we
shouldnt either with Christs body.  In the midst of this corrupt society, we have a purpose, that
is to reach out to those in darkness in the power of the Holy Spirit. One of our core values is
evangelism  That is what Jesus said we should do. (Matthew 23:18). The primary mission of the
church is to preach the Gospel. The same message of hope that touched you and me. This is the
mother church of Christianity We are not to do anything different than what they did. This marriage
image emphasizes the devotion and faithfulness of the church to Christ. Describes Christ’s love
with the church. The signs and wonders that Christ displayed God can also do through us today as a
witness to our testimony. We must have confidence in the Faithfulness of Christ on our behalf to
assist us to the glory of God the Father. The camp is symbolic of two things. The world with all of
its sinful pleasures, ungodly values and temporal goals we live outside this camp.In going outside
the gate, we find ourselves strangers and aliens to the world.The church, are those regenerated
people, who are gathered together in Christ. This is where the Gospel is preached and believers are
nurtured by the power of the Holy Spirit. Water baptism by immersion.  This was part of the great
commission to the disciples. The symbolism of the baptism. Baptism is a picture of a burial and a
resurrection. It is a picture of a birth. The person being baptized should be a penitent believer. 
He must have repented of all his sins. This is the proper purpose of baptism. For symbolically
accepting judgment of sins for the unbeliever. The Bible says that redemption is in Christ, and not
to be found elsewhere. We are all created anew.


In the Ordinances of the Church


The Lords’ Supper is a memorial supper, recalling and portraying Christ’s death for sinners. A
memorial is something that keeps alive the memory of a person or an event. The Bread = unleavened
bread this was to remind them of their hasty departure from Egypt. And the call to be holy and
without hypocrisy. The body we accept from Christ is symbolic of our new body that we share with
Christ at the resurrection. As Eve shared flesh of Adam we will share flesh with the Last Adam in
eternity. The fruit of the vine. It is significant that Jesus chose the blood of the grape to

picture the “Blood of the Covenant” as our Saviors blood. The symbolic acceptance of his atoning
blood. The breaking of the bread. The following day when the body of Jesus was cut and pierced, the
Apostles had a graphic picture of what Jesus meant. By the symbolic impact it constantly reminds us
of the significant fact of Christianity. It satisfies the desires of the heart to do something
honoring of our Saviors suffering for us.


Divine Healing

The Word of God is what cleanses our minds, the Word of God removes ungodly thoughts, it is at the
same time putting in Godly thoughts. The Word of God w ill continue to lead us in His marvelous
light. The Word of God is a powerful offensive weapon that God has given us to fight off the
deviland his lies. It is important that we know the Word of God and how to use it. The Word of God
exposes us. There is no part of man that the Word of God cannot penetrate. Being hearers is not
enough; we must also be doers of the word. We must apply the Word of God to our lives daily. We
need to build our foundation upon the Word of God for the faith to believe for healing. The Word of
God will never let us down when we put our faith in it. It takes the anointing of God to open the
eyes of the blind. Healing can be instantaneous or healing can be progressive. (Luke 17:14) Healing
and forgiveness go hand and hand. There is provision for physical healing as well as spiritual
healing. It is just as easy for God to heal the body as to save the soul. God wills to perform
miracles today by Faith in the name of Jesus. Healing can come through the laying of hands. It was
done back then and it can be done today. The touch of faith is so different from the physical
touch, but it is just as real. Someone can receive a healng through you and you not be aware
someone is intending to be healed. Jesus felt the healing virtue go out of Him and you can also be
an instrument unawares. He knew that someone had touched him by faith and you will also. Only


The Second Coming of Christ

The second coming deals with a physical return and not just a spiritual presence. This is when He
comes to the Earth to judge the world and No one knows the time of His coming except the Father. 
Live each day as if he were coming that day. In the bodily manner He left, He will return in like
manner. We are speaking of a literal return not a symbolic one. There will be a great falling away
the church losing many followers and the appearance of the antichrist. There will be a false
messiahs inspired by Satan to perform miracles and blaspheme to claim divine honors he could be
Jewish and a Priest in the Temple it could be anyone. The second coming of Christ will see
destruction of this antichrist and all evil. We must grow in brotherly love, Our love should
continue to grow beyond limits and each should Provoke others to holiness. Causes us to separate
our lives unto the Lord and evangelize. As the day draws near encourage meeting together. The
assembling of the believers is often an outward indication of the inner condition along with
Faithfulness in ministry. Give Comfort for the bereaved because the dead will also resurrect as
Jesus did. His coming will be personal, visible and glorious. We should all be looking forward to
this. The dead in Christ will rise, then the redeemed that are alive shall be caught up together to
meet the Lord in the air. This event will be a suddenness in which it will occur.  Jesus also spoke
of a resurrection for judgment. All will rise, but only those who have trusted Him for His atoning
death are assured eternal life. It is imperishable, glorious and powerful, that is free from
sickness or decay. The second coming of Christ will begin the thousand year reign with Christ over
an earthly Kingdom. During this period of time Satan will be bound and Saints martyred for Christ
will reign with Christ before the last judgment. This Describes how all Christians will be like
Christ and share in His glory.


In the Final Judgment

The great White Throne Judgment describes the judgment of the wicked dead.  Our faith if it has no
works is dead, our works will be judged here, each man’s actual relationship with God will be
revealed. The results of this final judgment will be eternal.  All those not found in the Lambs
Book of Life will be condemned to the lake of fire. Right before the final judgment satan will be
released from the bottomless pit. He will rise against Christ, at which time Satan and his armies
will be defeated by fire and those who followed him to eternal separation from God anEverlasting
torment. But an everlasting joy is the future for the saints. Eternal Life. The new Heaven and
Earth is a place of glory. A place of rest. A greater peace and well being waits in Here. Holiness
– we have been called to holiness. We have been called to service to God which is an easy, light
yoke and burden. We will be able to worship God in truth and with a pure and holy heart. Communion
with God. This is our number one goal.

New Heaven and a New Earth

Heaven and Earth will have a new beginning. This will be a place were only the righteous will be. 
II Peter 3:10, 13 This will take place at the end of the millennium after all rebellion is put down
on Earth. All enemies are destroyed and God’s rule is final. The old universe will be marvelously
regenerated. Those with resurrection bodies will dwell with their God in a regenerated universe.
This will be a place were eternal happiness will be found. That means no more sadness, sorrow, pain
or suffering. No more pain, no death, no thorns but peace. This only means comfort and no reason to
be anxious about anything. We will inherit all things. We will be rich in the Lord. Eternal

Events of New Heaven and Earth

Confession of all creation of the glory of the Kingdom of God and Christ. All creation will bow in
submission to Christ as King and God and the Most High forever. Eternal ages begin.
All saints will forever demonstrate the over flowing wealth of God’s grace.